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              TUNE IN ON TUESDAY, JUNE 11!

              Join us for an exclusive conversation on the status of ecommerce in Europe! Together with other experts we will discuss the most relevant findings and trends highlighted in the European Ecommerce Report 2019  .

              TOPICS & AGENDA

              This webinar will focus on the European ecommerce market, including consumer behaviors and preferences as well as the obstacles and opportunities for retailers selling in Europe. Also included will be how to adapt to technological innovation, European customs, and the growing influence of marketplaces. We’ll cover some main points in the newly released European report and will try to explain the ecommerce landscape in relation to the 2019 data. 

              PRACTICAL INFO: 
              • Where: Behind your desk (anywhere, everywhere)
              • When:  June 11 09:30am CET
              • Duration: 45 minutes
              • Language: English 

              ABOUT THE SPEAKERS

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              Sara Lone


              Sara heads the Research Team at the Ecommerce Foundation, whose mission it is to foster global digital trade in the hopes of a more peaceful world. Sara’s daily work is in helping small- to medium-sized retailers sell cross-border online, specifically through the creation of ecommerce country and overview reports, hosting webinars, conducting custom research and creating content for multiple stakeholders in the ecommerce world .

              In addition to daily life, Sara presents on ecommerce-related topics and research around the world, advises stakeholders in furthering ecommerce domestically and internationally, and advocates for a more uniform methodology of data collection in the ecommerce sector.

              Luca Cassetti

              ECOMMERCE Europe

              Luca Cassetti is the Director of EU Public Affairs of Ecommerce Europe, the European e-commerce association. With the support of the team, he is responsible for monitoring EU legislation and regulatory matters affecting the e-commerce sector, he advises the association with respect to policy challenges and acts accordingly at EU level, in close cooperation with the members of the association and the Secretary General. Luca’s role is developing and executing public affairs strategies in order to achieve the goals of the association in public policy as they relate to the EU.

              Alessandro Sciamarelli


              Alessandro Sciamarelli (1970) holds the position of Economist at EuroCommerce, where he carries out analysis and research on retail economics. Prior to that, he held equivalent positions at other Brussels-based European Trade Associations (in the mortgage and construction sectors). He also previously worked at the Economic Research department of a multinational cement group in Rome and at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht. He holds a PhD in Economics and Degree in Political Science from  the University of Pisa, Italy.

              Joana Pina Pereira

              Worten - sonae

              Joana Pina Pereira is an enthusiast of “all things digital”, having developed all her career close to new technologies and digital-first business models in several industries, from telco to retail. She is now eCommerce Director for Worten, Sonae, the leading consumer electronics retailer in Portugal. 

              Wouter de Vries


              YourSurprise is about surprising people. Surprising by means of personalized gifts. This means we create something unique out of clients photos, names and texts. We're an 100% online ecommerce company, active in 16 countries. All our operations are based in the Netherlands, consisting of a team of around 150 people at the moment. 

              Our goal is to be the leading European personalized gift company in the year 2021. 

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